Our new home

As iOi HQ relocates to the shared working space Second Home, Lucian Cobley Carr, iOi’s new Team Operations Assistant tells you a little more about our new digs.

June saw iOi HQ pack up and head East to the wonderful shared working space, Second Home.

Second Home is a cultural venue and diverse communal workspace for thinkers, makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. The ambitious community is made up of people from an incredibly broad range of industries, from fashion and design, through to technology, science, and the arts.

“We understand that great things happen when different people, ideas and industries are brought together”

Second Home

Central to our decision to move here was a shared ethos and culture.

Much like the iOi, Second Home holds creativity and inter-disciplinary working at its heart. From the working environment and community mixer events, to the very design and layout of the building, Second Home nurtures not only the creation of new connections and collaborations, but of new ideas.

As Second Home states: “Innovation comes from being open to emerging ideas and breakthroughs from different fields.” As a part of this creative community, we too hope to innovate – learning from others, and finding new inspiration and ideas to develop iOi and continue to push forward. We will also be sharing our unique approach to imagination-led learning and discovery, and in the process will undoubtedly be adding to our network of champions of our vision for children.

We are incredibly excited to be here and can’t wait to meet everyone!

You can find more information about Second Home here

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