The Institute of Imagination is delighted to announce our fourth theme 'Future Me', which will empower children to imagine their future in a world which they will help shape.

Our children today are growing up in an era of unprecedented technological and social change. Scholar Cathy Davidson states that we have entered into a major period in history that is as significant as the invention of the printing press. It marks a new information age that is rapidly changing the way we communicate, collaborate and share across the globe.

How children and young people grow up in this rapidly changing world is only just beginning to be understood. It will affect – and is already shaping – the way they live, learn and, in the future, work.

Our ‘Future Me’ theme will open up the Imagination Lab to the emerging tools and environments that empower children to imagine their future and a future world which they will help shape.

‘Future Me’ events will invite children, their parents and carers to play and experiment with activities focused on invention and collaboration. Through working with AI, VR, programming and more, we’ll be challenging children to think about what problems we will face in the future and create their own inventions to combat these.

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